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Hospitality Service Company Management Software

Streamline and elevate your hospitality business with our comprehensive hospitality service software. Designed specifically for hospitality establishments, our software offers a range of features to optimize operations, collect online payment, and drive revenue growth.


Saastech provides technology solutions for human-powered services, encompassing various roles such as kitchen helpers, wait staff, promoters, cashiers, stewards, babysitters, personal trainers, pet care services,  and elder care.

Automated hospitality service scheduling software interface showing mobile apps for customers, staff app for workers, and operations management panel.

Customer Apps (IOS & Android)

Mobile applications where your customers can place orders online, make online payments, and track their orders.

Staff App (IOS & Android)

Staff app with a calendar, task management, navigation, and many other useful features.It's customized by the administrator through the panel.


An operations management panel with hundreds of features, all in one place, for the management of human-power companies.

What is hospitality service business software?

Better management, growth and controlled operations

Saastech hospitality software is a specialized management solution tailored for service-oriented businesses, especially those within the hospitality sector. This software provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features aimed at optimizing operations across scheduling, staff coordination, customer communication, billing, and analytics.


Saastech simplifies task administration from initial inquiry to billing, empowering your service provider crew to access job specifics anytime, anywhere through the mobile Staff app. Seamlessly process payments online, either automatically or in-person upon job completion, for a stress-free experience.


Our solutions can be used in various fields, for example, concierge services, bellhop/porter services, event coordinators, tour guides, security personnel, guards, entertainment staff, guest relations managers and any type of human power services.

Why Choose Saastech.io

Online Payments & Orders

Receive online orders and payments from your customers through your own branded website and applications.

Mobile Applications

Both your customers and employees will conduct transactions via mobile applications. All products work in connection with your panel.

Admin Panel

Comprehensive admin panel containing all the necessary features for managing the processes of a human-power company. Check our all features.

Flexible Pricing

Don't pay until you earn! Our solutions are offered with revenue-based pricing. Grow your business with our products and pay as you grow.

Advantages of hospitality service business software

Utilizing software for a hospitality service company offers a multitude of benefits

Full Integrated Management

With a single solution, you can use all the features without the need for any other tool. All tools work together seamlessly.

Online Visibility

Your company name and logo will appear in searches on search engines, the Apple Store, and the Google Play Store, allowing you to reach more customers.

Better Utilization

Utilizing employees' working hours is a primary goal for a human power company. Aligning incoming customer orders with employees' calendars accurately is only possible with advanced software solutions.


The software handles all these processes: automatic assignments, routing, notifications, emails, confirmations, invoicing, and rescheduling, allowing you to focus on service operations.

Growth and Scale

To increase your staff count, optimize staff utilization, reach more customers, retain customers, and manage the entire process effectively, you need advanced solutions rather than ordinary tools.

Affordable Pricing

You don't have to pay separate fees for individual tools. We offer all solutions that work seamlessly together under one pricing. We don't charge you until your revenue grows. With revenue-based pricing, we don't take fees from you until you earn.

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