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Common Questions and Answers about Saastech.io

After filling out the forms through our Wizard, you can provide your own demo access. The panel will be active with all our features for 15 days without any restrictions.

Yes, the applications belong to you! You will automatically create your applications with your company's logo and name through the wizard. You will need developer accounts for the publishing process. We will assist you in opening developer accounts on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Yes, absolutely, the entire system works interconnectedly. All orders from the website or applications are displayed on the same panel. Staff members work based on the incoming order information and task lists. The panel, Staff APP, Customer APPs, and the entire system operate automatically and seamlessly integrated.

Yes, with our smart scheduling feature, the system automatically assigns personnel based on various criteria such as their working days and hours, availability for another order, which team they belong to, service locations, their service types, whether they are on vacation, and if they are the customer's preferred personnel.

You can activate your online payment gateway into your panel to collect payments from your customers. You can register an account from a payment provider and activate your payment system by entering the necessary information into the panel. if you partner with a company, not supported in our system, we review their documents and add them to the system. Additionally, we have a cash payment collection module for cash transactions.

Yes, the Saastech Admin Panel is mobile-friendly, and you can manage your operations from your mobile devices using our Manager app or through a browser.

Mobile Applications

Common Qeustions and Answers about Mobile Applications

Yes, all of Saastech's products work in an integrated manner. Any changes you make on the panel instantly affect all other products.

It is possible for us to transition your existing website to the Saastech infrastructure without changing your website. We will implement our order and membership forms on your current website. To use our mobile apps, you will need access to the panel. We will make your existing website that you like compatible with Saastech for you.

Your mobile apps will be automatically developed with the SaaS infrastructure in a way that belongs to your company. You will need an Apple Store Developer account for your iOS app, and a Google Play Store developer account for your Android app. We will assist you in setting up these accounts.

After the process of creating and approving your developer accounts, we will wait for you to complete the customization processes on the Saastech panels. After that, your mobile apps are typically published within 1 week.

Yes, of course. You can see what your app will look like by downloading our Saastech demo customer app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Additionally, you can also download the apps of our references from the app stores.

Pricing and Terms

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