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Team Management

After creating your service areas, you can create your teams and assign the team that will serve in the relevant service area. You can determine the team members, drivers, and team leaders, and specify who is responsible in case orders come from this service area.

  • Staff App for all your team members.
  • To-do list by workflow. (SP or Driver)
  • Staff App Notifications.


Customize your Saastech Dashboard effortlessly to align with your business model. Upload your company logo, choose themes or apply CSS customizations, and select colors to match your identity. Multi-language support and make real-time content modifications from your dashboard.

  • Add or edit service or product.
  • Manage prices or service shifts.
  • Upload logo,image,icon. CSS Editor.

Payment Collection and API

We provide a cash payment option for collecting payments from your customers, and if you register an ONLINE PAYMENT service, you can easily integrate it using our ready-to-use API connections with just one click.

  • Online payment gateway integration.
  • Accounting software API integration.
  • Cash collection and customer balances.

Data Security & Maintenance

Your company data will be securely stored in encrypted form, with access available for download in Excel format on Dashboard. We take responsibility for system maintenance and provide technical support.

  • Download customer or employee list.
  • Technical support and training.
  • Ecrypted data security.

Marketing & Promotions Features

Through the marketing module, you can send bulk or specific email or in-app notifications to your customers. Under the PROMOTIONS tab, you can generate COUPON CODES using various algorithms and utilize them in your advertising campaigns.

Automated Notifications and Emails

  • Reach out to customers who haven't placed orders in a while. Send reminders for customer reviews after orders or stay in constant communication with your customers by sending weekly or monthly automated in-app notifications or emails.
  • We provide detailed statistics and analysis based on coupons, service areas, and conversion rates to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
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(150k Users)

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Staff App & GPS Tracking

  • Service Providers & Team Leaders

    Your contracted or freelance workers can view tasks assigned to them by the system through the application. You manage all information to be displayed in the application through your panel.

  • Drivers

    Your drivers can view their daily tasks through the application. The application provides them with optimized routes to addresses, ensuring they reach their destinations via the most efficient and shortest path.


IOS & Android Apps For Your Customers

  • IOS Mobile Application

    Saastech ensures your app's publication with your company's name and logo on the Apple Store. You'll customize your app with choices like colors, logos, services, and products through the Wizard tool. You'll need to create a developer account on the Apple Store to publish your app. We'll assist you with this process.

  • Android Mobile Application

    The application developed with cross-platform technology will also be functional on the Google Play Store simultaneously. To publish your Android application, you'll need to create a developer account on the Google Play Store.

Expense Management

You can input manual expenses into these screens based on groups you define, which will be reflected in statistics. For instance, you can categorize rent expenses under the General Expenses. Revenue is automatically calculated, and expenses are shown in stats, along with profit/loss reports.

Personnel Payments

  • When you enter the monthly salaries of employees into the system, they will be automatically reflected as monthly expenses after your approval.
  • For employees working on an hourly wage or commission basis, a report of their transactions will be displayed to you, and the payments you make will be automatically calculated and reflected in the expense screens.
Contractors and Freelancers
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(180 Active Personnel)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we understand there are many features, and you may need training on how to use the panel. Don't worry, we provide free training to our customers.

After filling out the forms through our Wizard, you can provide your own demo access. The panel will be active with all our features for 15 days without any restrictions.

Yes, the applications belong to you! You will automatically create your applications with your company's logo and name through the wizard. You will need developer accounts for the publishing process. We will assist you in opening developer accounts on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Yes, absolutely, the entire system works interconnectedly. All orders from the website or applications are displayed on the same panel. Staff members work based on the incoming order information and task lists. The panel, Staff APP, Customer APPs, and the entire system operate automatically and seamlessly integrated.

Yes, with our smart scheduling feature, the system automatically assigns personnel based on various criteria such as their working days and hours, availability for another order, which team they belong to, service locations, their service types, whether they are on vacation, and if they are the customer's preferred personnel.

You can activate your online payment gateway into your panel to collect payments from your customers. You can register an account from a payment provider and activate your payment system by entering the necessary information into the panel. if you partner with a company, not supported in our system, we review their documents and add them to the system. Additionally, we have a cash payment collection module for cash transactions.


Pricing options are designed to fit various business models

User Based

$25 / Monthly for each user

Minimum 10 users, with a monthly $250 minimum invoice. Service providers, drivers, and panel users are included.

  • Dashboard (Full access)
  • Web Page (Multi-Languages)
  • Staff App (IOS & Android)
  • Service Management (1 service limit)
  • Online Payment (1 integration)
  • Mobile Apps  (One-time charge 250$)
  • Long Term Services (Not supported)
Purchase Plan

Utilization Based

$0.25 / Per Utilized Hour

Invoices are based on a minimum of 2000 utilized hours, requiring a monthly minimum payment of $500.

  • Dashboard (Full access)
  • Web Page (Multi-Languages)
  • Staff App (IOS & Android)
  • Service Management (3 services limit)
  • Online Payment (3 integrations limits)
  • Mobile Apps (IOS & Android)
  • Long-Term Services  (0.10$ per day)
Purchase Plan

Revenue Based

% 2.5 / From Monthly Revenue

Invoices require a monthly minimum payment of $500 commission. Designed for a wide variety of service types.

  • Dashboard (Full access)
  • Web Page (Multi-Languages)
  • Staff App (IOS & Android)
  • Service Management (Unlimited)
  • Online Payment (5 integrations limit)
  • Mobile Apps (IOS & Android)
  • Long-Term Services (No extra charges)
Purchase Plan

Get demo access
for 15 days free trial

You can fill out your company information to get a 15-day free trial access. Through the wizard, you can specify your services and products, then transition to the demo panel to test all the features yourself.

  • Panel demo full-access.
  • Staff APP full-access.
  • Design your demo web and customer apps.
  • Create demo orders and observe the workflow.

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